Forever grateful.

My sister told me about a co-worker who kept on raving about this ibanez brand. She told me that her co-worker used to be down and out but then managed to turn his life around through music. I was impressed when she told me everything she knew about his life. Can you imagine being abandoned by everyone you thought would be there for you during the tough times, learning that there was something wrong with how your body was wired, and just basically feeling betrayed by the world? Nope. I can’t imagine it, too.

But that’s what happened to my sister’s co-worker. He almost ended his life but then a good soul ‘rescued’ him from the dark. That’s why he is paying it forward, ‘rescuing’ drowning souls. He is eternally, forever grateful for his ‘new’ life.

Close-knit family.

There is something to be said on close-knit families. They really know how to celebrate in style! Our neighbor celebrated their family reunion yesterday and we were all in awe with the festivities that took place. We saw everything clearly through our windows and while researching about musucians friend, we saw how everyone participated in their games, everyone performed, everyone mingled with everybody showing just how close they are with each other.

We all love it!

And this coming year, we plan on improving our relationships with family members. The next-door neighbors inspired us to become better family members, that’s for sure.

Online presence

These days, it is very important for a business to have an online presence. A web site is basically the virtual address of a company. These days also, a business need to have presence in almost all social media sites. It’s a given that when you are more visible online, your target market will get to know your brand more and you can easily become a household name.

Now, you might ask, how can you be more visible online? Well, Triangle Direct Media easily comes to mind. They are social media and search engine experts who can drive traffic to your web site. Find out more about them and, if you want to be more present online, get their services and watch your business grow!

Blissful silence


You can’t blame me for reveling in this newfound bliss in our brand new home.


Blissful silence, that is.

We didn’t have this in our former home. That house was valuable to us but it came to a point wherein we were hoping and praying that we find a new home because the neighbors have become such a huge nuisance to us. I turned to the nearest guitar center for my brother’s sanity, out-of-town trips for my and my sister’s, and a trip to the uncles for my dad’s. It was such crazy!

I am grateful we found a new home, albeit temporary. I am pretty sure we’ll find a permanent one soon.

For now, can you hear that blissful silence?

Yup. You don’t. Because it’s bliss.


I am currently without a job. I was supposed to do this gig where I would be teaching English as a second language but due to the uber slow internet service here in our area, I think I already lost that gig. No official word yet from the person who contacted me but I am pretty sure I would have received something from her by now.

Oh, well.

I chanced upon this cheapest online music store and an idea slowly blossomed in my mind. I have been really good with music. No, I am not a musician by any means but I know my stuff so I tried to contact some friends and something might just pan out from that.

We’ll see.

Female tenants only.

One of my co-teachers approached me about a month ago to ask if I knew anybody who is renting out a room. She needs one close to school because she’s been tardy a couple of times and have gotten a memo about it already. Traffic is worse where she lives and she doesn’t want another memo just because she got stuck in traffic again. I told her that I do know someone from our neighborhood who rents out rooms to female tenants. I told her that she only needs to furnish information on employment and income because the landlord is very strict when it comes to tenant verification. She agreed and is actually relieved to find out that the landlord is strict. She doesn’t want a place run by a slacker who gets the first female tenant to knock on his door.

I talked to the landlord about my co-teacher and introduced her the next day. She was told by the landlord to log on to the internet because he will be using a service from Tenantify wherein they will do the verification process for him. The landlord has a number of businesses so he said that the time-consuming verification is something he can’t do by himself anymore.

My co-teacher did as told and she is now one of the female tenants of the apartment in our neighborhood. I went online to check the service that the landlord told my co-teacher and I found out that Tenantify is a cool service which helps landlords check whatever information a tenant provides. Be it employment or income, or both, Tenantify can easily do the whole verification process in a single business day. And with very little fee to be paid by the tenant! I think I will tell others about this really cool service.

Snap back to happy!

You felt pretty good when you went inside the grocery store, but now you are feeling bad after a heated encounter with a rude cashier.

sad to happy

To get rid of this negative outlook instantly, you need to unblock your chi, or energy flow.

Here’s what you need to do:

Place your palms together with fingertips pointing to the ground and rub your hands together briskly for 1 minute. While you are doing that, visualize the negativity leaving your body through your fingertips.




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