Lavender wedding flowers everywhere!

Enchanted Elegance Collection

When you go to Bloominous, a one-stop shop for DIY flowers, you will see right away their featured collections: Country Charm, Bohemian Desert, Eco Chic. My choice? The Enchanted Elegance Collection! I am in love with everything lavender and the collection is definitely a lavender themed one.

The Enchanted Elegance Collection screams of Downton Abbey to me but with a modern twist. This is what I like about Bloominous. They keep up with what trends and if you don’t know what Downton Abbey is, well, you need to turn on your TV or read online about it! Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by lavender flowers and feeling like a part of the Victorian era? An awesome experience, if you ask me!

Hey, the trial kit for this collection is on sale at $59 only. Order it and see how easy it will be to DIY the lavender flowers into beautiful arrangements.


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