Forever grateful.

My sister told me about a co-worker who kept on raving about this ibanez brand. She told me that her co-worker used to be down and out but then managed to turn his life around through music. I was impressed when she told me everything she knew about his life. Can you imagine being abandoned by everyone you thought would be there for you during the tough times, learning that there was something wrong with how your body was wired, and just basically feeling betrayed by the world? Nope. I can’t imagine it, too.

But that’s what happened to my sister’s co-worker. He almost ended his life but then a good soul ‘rescued’ him from the dark. That’s why he is paying it forward, ‘rescuing’ drowning souls. He is eternally, forever grateful for his ‘new’ life.


  • I'm a teacher but sometimes patience is not my virtue. I'm moody but caring, sensitive but thoughtful and generous to a fault.

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