I am grateful for my co-teacher who directed me to a site where I screamed woohoo when I finally able to log on to it. I am talking about a music shop online where I know I can get my brother and younger male cousins the band set that they want.

It will be a group gift. I thought of having it delivered to my paternal grandpa’s house where the boys normally hang out every couple of days and on weekends. It will be a treat to the boys who love to play the guitar and the drums. I just know that it will be an additional activity for when they are together.


Lavender wedding flowers everywhere!

Enchanted Elegance Collection

When you go to Bloominous, a one-stop shop for DIY flowers, you will see right away their featured collections: Country Charm, Bohemian Desert, Eco Chic. My choice? The Enchanted Elegance Collection! I am in love with everything lavender and the collection is definitely a lavender themed one.

The Enchanted Elegance Collection screams of Downton Abbey to me but with a modern twist. This is what I like about Bloominous. They keep up with what trends and if you don’t know what Downton Abbey is, well, you need to turn on your TV or read online about it! Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by lavender flowers and feeling like a part of the Victorian era? An awesome experience, if you ask me!

Hey, the trial kit for this collection is on sale at $59 only. Order it and see how easy it will be to DIY the lavender flowers into beautiful arrangements.

Educating the little ones.

Native Instruments. I believe in educating the little ones on what we had in the past so I told the Music teacher to incorporate a lesson on it. The good teacher agreed and so we are setting aside this coming week for native music.

I am happy being surrounded by kids who are hungry to learn more each day. It’s such an experience and I am humbled every time I encounter a child who not only wants to learn from me but also to teach me a lesson on life.

Educating the little ones not only on music but also on every aspect of life is what my being is all about.

Everything for Liam.

This holiday season is all for Liam. Everything is being done in consideration for my nephew Liam who’s turning one in a few weeks. He is the center of attention, the apple of the eye, of everyone at home. That includes me, of course! I am actually checking out dept 56 north pole online because I want to put up a Christmas village at home for him. I am sure he will enjoy it as he gets all excited over lights nowadays.

It will be a different Christmas for us this year, that’s for sure. We all have our eyes on what will make Liam happy. I am still thinking of some ideas alongside my older sister. We really want to go all out for our baby’s first holiday season!

Glare of light.

I think I need one of those tinted eyeglasses. I easily get a headache over the glare of the sun, and even from the light at home and from my laptop! It might be caused by this poor vision that I have but since I don’t want to go see a doctor about it, I will just get something to protect my eyes from the glare of light.

My older sister was laughing at me when I told her about it. She said I would look like this old senator whom we often see on television wearing his tinted eyeglasses. Well, I told my sister that I don’t mind as long as I won’t get headaches from the glare of light again.

Three weddings

This February I will be attending three weddings. Yes, three weddings! I will be attending a wedding of a dear friend, a cousin and a colleague. February is definitely the love month eh? Last December during our annual family reunion, I saw my cousin’s engagement ring. It’s huge and sparkly as in bring on the bling bling! She told us that it’s from Wedding Rings Salt Lake City and it is custom made. Oooh such a lucky lady! After gushing on her ring, we all wished her the best on her marriage and her future. We are all happy that she finally found the love of her life.

I an’t wait to see the three lovely ladies on their wedding gowns. It’s always nice to see or witness someones happily ever after begins. It is lovely to hear different vows and promises of love plus wedding foods are always delish! Haha!


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