Set free!

ferris wheel

I’ve never been up high in years. I think I developed a fear along the way. Growing old, you tend to become overcautious unlike when we were younger when we feel invincible and reckless most of the time.

I wish I can set myself free. I wish I can let go and just go back to the old me. Unafraid. And big on trust.


Anywhere and everywhere.


I just want to go anywhere and everywhere and be far away from everyone at the moment. Whenever I feel so overwhelmed by everybody’s issues, I feel the need to go away. It’s their issue, not mine! I don’t want to feel burdened by it when I can.

I just wish I can go NOW!



  • I'm a teacher but sometimes patience is not my virtue. I'm moody but caring, sensitive but thoughtful and generous to a fault.

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