Snap back to happy!

You felt pretty good when you went inside the grocery store, but now you are feeling bad after a heated encounter with a rude cashier.

sad to happy

To get rid of this negative outlook instantly, you need to unblock your chi, or energy flow.

Here’s what you need to do:

Place your palms together with fingertips pointing to the ground and rub your hands together briskly for 1 minute. While you are doing that, visualize the negativity leaving your body through your fingertips.



Kindness instead of hatred.


I often say that it is better to stay positive than to entertain anything negative and in the process plant hatred in our hearts. It’s always better to pour kindness into our lives instead of hatred.

Hatred hasn’t solved anything in the history of humanity. Ever!

Sow kindness, reap kindness in return.

Better alone than surrounded by fake people!

This is so true!


I do believe that it is better for anybody to be alone and lonely than to be surrounded by fake people who are only trying to milk you and leave you after you are dry. I know some people who are very much like that. I steer clear of those people because I wouldn’t want to become a ‘victim’ of the likes of them.

Yes, I’d rather be alone and lonely than surrounded by people who aren’t sincere in their offer of friendship.


Enjoying the cold weather.


Have you noticed the cool weather we’re having lately? I am loving it! In fact, I am enjoying it a lot! I sleep better and I feel great while working. I am not much into rain but if it brings this kind of weather, then I am all for it.

I wish the cool weather will continue. Sleeping is so much better when everything is cool.

Surrounded by family.


I love being in the same room with the family. Normally, we spend the time watching TV together, or just talking about our day while at the living room, lounging on the sofa, eating something or drinking soda. We’re already happy that way. No, we’re not a perfect family but we do love being together because we know that at the end of the day, you always go back to your family because they are the ones who truly know you and genuinely care for you.



  • I'm a teacher but sometimes patience is not my virtue. I'm moody but caring, sensitive but thoughtful and generous to a fault.

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