Promise to wait.

The college students I know are getting promise rings from here, just to show the elders around them that they are going to abstain and wait. They are responsible kids so their parents trust them but the two wants to show everyone a tangible symbol of the pure love they have for each other.

I am all for promises to wait. Kids these days just plow head on onto something that they barely know anything about. Marriage and having kids are two situations that kids find themselves these days where they fail a lot because they didn’t really know what they are getting into.

Abstaining, waiting, just getting to know each other first. All for true love.

The Bigger Boost


You will get a bigger boost of vitamin C when you swap your cup of juice for a large orange. The real fruit is packed with fiber and is an even better source of vitamin C.

The juices we get from the store are packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners, heavily processed, and filled with artificial coloring. Those kind of juices are not much different from sodas.

With the real fruit, you’ll get 9 times more fiber and is less fattening.


I am grateful for my co-teacher who directed me to a site where I screamed woohoo when I finally able to log on to it. I am talking about a music shop online where I know I can get my brother and younger male cousins the band set that they want.

It will be a group gift. I thought of having it delivered to my paternal grandpa’s house where the boys normally hang out every couple of days and on weekends. It will be a treat to the boys who love to play the guitar and the drums. I just know that it will be an additional activity for when they are together.


Kindness instead of hatred.


I often say that it is better to stay positive than to entertain anything negative and in the process plant hatred in our hearts. It’s always better to pour kindness into our lives instead of hatred.

Hatred hasn’t solved anything in the history of humanity. Ever!

Sow kindness, reap kindness in return.

Lavender wedding flowers everywhere!

Enchanted Elegance Collection

When you go to Bloominous, a one-stop shop for DIY flowers, you will see right away their featured collections: Country Charm, Bohemian Desert, Eco Chic. My choice? The Enchanted Elegance Collection! I am in love with everything lavender and the collection is definitely a lavender themed one.

The Enchanted Elegance Collection screams of Downton Abbey to me but with a modern twist. This is what I like about Bloominous. They keep up with what trends and if you don’t know what Downton Abbey is, well, you need to turn on your TV or read online about it! Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by lavender flowers and feeling like a part of the Victorian era? An awesome experience, if you ask me!

Hey, the trial kit for this collection is on sale at $59 only. Order it and see how easy it will be to DIY the lavender flowers into beautiful arrangements.

Better alone than surrounded by fake people!

This is so true!


I do believe that it is better for anybody to be alone and lonely than to be surrounded by fake people who are only trying to milk you and leave you after you are dry. I know some people who are very much like that. I steer clear of those people because I wouldn’t want to become a ‘victim’ of the likes of them.

Yes, I’d rather be alone and lonely than surrounded by people who aren’t sincere in their offer of friendship.


Craving for this…

blueberry ice cream
Blueberry Ice Cream with lots of whip cream!

I saw a TV commercial of a celebrity family eating ice cream. I immediately thought of blueberry ice cream! Yum!

I am drooling just thinking about the last one I ate.



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