Educating the little ones.

Native Instruments. I believe in educating the little ones on what we had in the past so I told the Music teacher to incorporate a lesson on it. The good teacher agreed and so we are setting aside this coming week for native music.

I am happy being surrounded by kids who are hungry to learn more each day. It’s such an experience and I am humbled every time I encounter a child who not only wants to learn from me but also to teach me a lesson on life.

Educating the little ones not only on music but also on every aspect of life is what my being is all about.

Enjoying the cold weather.


Have you noticed the cool weather we’re having lately? I am loving it! In fact, I am enjoying it a lot! I sleep better and I feel great while working. I am not much into rain but if it brings this kind of weather, then I am all for it.

I wish the cool weather will continue. Sleeping is so much better when everything is cool.

Everything for Liam.

This holiday season is all for Liam. Everything is being done in consideration for my nephew Liam who’s turning one in a few weeks. He is the center of attention, the apple of the eye, of everyone at home. That includes me, of course! I am actually checking out dept 56 north pole online because I want to put up a Christmas village at home for him. I am sure he will enjoy it as he gets all excited over lights nowadays.

It will be a different Christmas for us this year, that’s for sure. We all have our eyes on what will make Liam happy. I am still thinking of some ideas alongside my older sister. We really want to go all out for our baby’s first holiday season!

Surrounded by family.


I love being in the same room with the family. Normally, we spend the time watching TV together, or just talking about our day while at the living room, lounging on the sofa, eating something or drinking soda. We’re already happy that way. No, we’re not a perfect family but we do love being together because we know that at the end of the day, you always go back to your family because they are the ones who truly know you and genuinely care for you.


Set free!

ferris wheel

I’ve never been up high in years. I think I developed a fear along the way. Growing old, you tend to become overcautious unlike when we were younger when we feel invincible and reckless most of the time.

I wish I can set myself free. I wish I can let go and just go back to the old me. Unafraid. And big on trust.


Anywhere and everywhere.


I just want to go anywhere and everywhere and be far away from everyone at the moment. Whenever I feel so overwhelmed by everybody’s issues, I feel the need to go away. It’s their issue, not mine! I don’t want to feel burdened by it when I can.

I just wish I can go NOW!


Glare of light.

I think I need one of those tinted eyeglasses. I easily get a headache over the glare of the sun, and even from the light at home and from my laptop! It might be caused by this poor vision that I have but since I don’t want to go see a doctor about it, I will just get something to protect my eyes from the glare of light.

My older sister was laughing at me when I told her about it. She said I would look like this old senator whom we often see on television wearing his tinted eyeglasses. Well, I told my sister that I don’t mind as long as I won’t get headaches from the glare of light again.


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